I was not planning on upgrading my device but my iPhone 12 Pro (which I’ve had for 3 years now) decided to die for no reason. It was working fine and then I set it on my charger and I returned to the black screen of death. Tried the usual fixes and tried to run diagnostics but it’s dead dead.

I’ve been sick for 3-4 weeks now and just can’t shake it. My cough and other symptoms seem to have improved a bit today but I just feel absolutely exhausted. Really looking forward to feeling “normal” again.

πŸ“· Day 8 - Yonder

πŸ“· Day 7 - Panorama

Perhaps not a panoramic photo but certainly a nice panoramic view.

A view of snowy Alaskan mountains with water in the foreground.

πŸ“· Day 6 - Well

The Old Well on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus.

The Old Well on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus.

πŸ“· Day 5 - Forest

Looking up at the sky through the trees with the sun shining behind the branches

πŸ“· Day 4 - Orange

Sunset as seen through an airplane window

πŸ“· Day 3 - Precious

I guess Sam is kind of precious. I ran out of time today so this will have to do for today’s photo challenge. 🐈

Orange tabby kitten sitting on hardwood floor

πŸ“· Day 2 - Buildup

Construction crane in foreground with the Seattle Space Needle in the background

πŸ“· Day 1 - Abstract

Exposed, above ground tree root that reveals a gnarled, wood grain

I just got caught in the most ridiculous automated phone tree vortex and can’t remember the last time I felt such rage. In addition to customer service support perhaps these automated platforms can explore opportunities in the cardiology market to administer stress tests.

I’m debating whether to pay for a Medium subscription. I’ve started a few articles recently where I get hooked by the first few paragraphs but am then blocked from finishing the article due to it being reserved for members only. Any subscribers care to share your experience? Worth the monthly cost?

I was reading Amazon reviews of a book I was considering and noticed a couple of 1-star reviews and neither had anything to do with the content of the book or quality of the writing. One was regarding the shipping and the other was regarding a tear on the dust jacket. Even if I give the benefit of the doubt here and acknowledge a need to provide review feedback on such things, it would be nice to filter the review content to try and segregate substantive reviews of the content of the book from other reviews regarding shipping, service, or quality of the packaging. 🀷🏻

A lot of people have pointed out that a lack of a required personal finance curriculum is one of the biggest gaps in our public education system but, based on my recent interactions with some teens, it’s also clear they could benefit from learning how to use a calendar to manage their time.

Due to a fraudulent charge, I had to cancel the credit card I use for all my recurring monthly expenses. I’ve received my new card and am now updating my autopay settings for each vendor. A relatively minor inconvenience for sure but I wish there was an easier (batch or automated) way to do this.

According to Adam Grant:

“Seeing leisure time as wasteful is bad for well-being.

New data: people who see play as unproductive enjoy it lessβ€”and are more likely to be anxious, depressed, and stressed.

Even if you don’t see fun as productive, it’s worth remembering there’s more to life than productivity.”

As I exit the weekend and begin my Monday feeling less than refreshed, I realize I need to work on accepting and enjoying leisure time. Perhaps, even intentionally schedule leisure time? Something to consider.

As I anticipate my youngest entering her last year of high school, I realize some preparation is required to handle this transition well. For the past couple of decades, all my “free” time has been spent supporting my kids in their activities (sports, theater, music, etc.). I need some new hobbies.

Due to some folks in the neighborhood working through their fireworks supply until 3:00am this morning, I’m operating on 2-hours of sleep today. Not ideal considering that, after my workday ends, I’ll be making the 5-hour drive down to Eugene today.

How does a company go through an extensive process to implement a platform to centralize the planning, management, execution, and collaboration of work across teams and still end up having everyone update multiple spreadsheets and slide decks for things like roadmaps, status updates, etc…? πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Just learned about My Mind today. Have you tried this? If so, care to share feedback on your experience? Looks like a pretty compelling product.